invasive species

Zebra Mussels Hard to Find in the St. Croix

Zebra mussels

National Park Service scientists say the invasive species’ numbers were down again in 2013.

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Monitoring for Aliens

Invasive Yellow Iris

Volunteers are invited to a free training about how to report invasive species along the river.

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Zebra Mussel Decline Continues in the St. Croix

Zebra mussels cover native mussels

For two consecutive years, almost none of the invasive species have been found in the river.

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Seminar offers invasive species information

Curly leaf pondweed

Join us for a free workshop about curly leaf, milfoil, zebra mussels, Asian carp and other aquatic invaders.

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Asian Carp Fighters Include Senators and Scientists

Illinois River Biological Station photo

Federal legislation would organize anti-carp effort, and new research is looking at ways of stopping the invasive fish.

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Guest Post: Volunteers needed to battle buckthorn on the bluffs

Buckthorn-free forest

Join the fight against the invasive plant and help restore a small valley south of St. Croix Falls.

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