Last Log Through the Boom

Last log through the St. Croix Boom.

At 2:30 p.m. on June 12, 1914, the logging years of the St. Croix River watershed effectively ended.

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Celebrating the ‘Last Log’ 100 Years Later

James Brennan, "one of the greatest lumberjacks of them all" and superintendent of the  St. Croix Boom during its final six seasons, rides the last log through the boom.

Event on June 12th will remember the end of an important era on the St. Croix.

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Walter Mondale to Speak about Wild and Scenic St. Croix

Walter Mondale at Osceola Landing on the St. Croix River, photo by Paul Garneau Clark

Former vice president, U.S. senator, and ambassador who helped create Wild & Scenic Rivers system will speak March 27th.

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Seeing Standing Cedars’ Sights on the St. Croix’s Snowy Bluffs

Photo by Ryan Rodgers

Hikers on the Winter Walk saw historic sites and heard about restoring native habitat.

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Prehistoric Pottery Links St. Croix’s Past and Present

Oneota pottery from the Sheffield Site (Photo courtesy Science Museum of Minnesota)

At an approximately 700-year-old village, the river’s bounty made for stronger ceramics.

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Wannigan Days Celebrates Summer and Heritage in the Falls

A wannigan amidst logs on the river in the Dalles area late in the logging era

Annual summer festival offers a full line-up of events the weekend of July 19-21.

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