This Old Log House: Scandia Struggles With Scale of Renovations at River Landing

Log House Landing's rutted ramp.

Repairing erosion could diminish historic site’s rustic character and famous pines.

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Festival Features St. Croix’s Canoe Heritage

Mike Bartz and his canoe companion.

Wooden canoe includes free events and paddle trip in the Shell Lake area August 16-17.

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Obscure Stories of the Oldest European Settlement on the Upper St. Croix

The Gordon Historical Society building was originally a fur post storehouse.

Northern Wisconsin town got its start as an Ojibwe village.

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Last Log Through the Boom

Last log through the St. Croix Boom.

At 2:30 p.m. on June 12, 1914, the logging years of the St. Croix River watershed effectively ended.

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Celebrating the ‘Last Log’ 100 Years Later

John Brennan, Boom Superintendent, with pike pole in hand, rides the last log to, and through the Gap of the St. Croix Boomsite at Stillwater. Famed photographer John Runk captured this moment in history on June 12, 1914 at precisely 2:30 that afternoon, one hundred years ago.

Event on June 12th will remember the end of an important era on the St. Croix.

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Walter Mondale to Speak about Wild and Scenic St. Croix

Walter Mondale at Osceola Landing on the St. Croix River, photo by Paul Garneau Clark

Former vice president, U.S. senator, and ambassador who helped create Wild & Scenic Rivers system will speak March 27th.

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